Some southern-kissed riffs, a hot-rodded rig, and the wide-open road.

That, in the simplest possible terms, is the spirit behind hard-hitting rock outfit The Road Heavy. The Toronto-based five-piece have logged some serious mileage – figurative and literal – in a relatively short amount of time thanks to a hard grind and signature brand of sweet, smoky, southern-fried rock ‘n’ roll. Now, they’re readying the release of their debut LP, Something’s Coming, for later in 2018, featuring the brand new single, “Same Old Thing.”

The Road Heavy’s brand of bourbon-soaked, blues-basted rock has since earned them plenty of notoriety from music fans and industry insiders alike, including Guns ‘N’ Roses veteran Gilby Clarke, who’s remained a loyal supporter, and The Tea Party’s Jeff Martin, who tapped the band to open Tea Party and solo sets. He even co-produced the band’s self-titled sophomore EP in 2017.

In addition to Blake and James, the band’s newly cemented lineup is comprised of bassist Andre “Big D” D’Silva, drummer Jeff Cox, and the latest addition, vocalist Jennifer Little. “She and Pat just sound amazing together,” Blake enthuses about his freshly-minted bandmate. “She brings a new energy, and it’s leading us in a direction we’re really excited about.”

Indeed, Something’s Coming kicks The Road Heavy’s sweet and sticky riffage into a higher gear. While the sound and swagger clearly pay homage to the likes of ZZ Top, Zeppelin, and G’n’R, the band also reaches back and forward a few decades with tinges of blues pioneers like Muddy Waters, Howlin’ Wolf, and Buddy Guy and a knack for clean, catchy, modern rock hooks.

Lyrically, they pack in a lot more substance than is typical of their scene. “My writing has always been more in line with folk or southern country than rock,” James shares. “Some bands favour music and melody over lyrics, but working with Ryan, I think we’ve found a balance where I can weave through the riffs and still tell a meaningful Springsteen kind of story.”

Of course, the new cuts are perfectly catered to the band’s high-impact, high-octane shows. “We really pride ourselves on being a well-greased live band,” says Blake, and that’s earned them slots supporting acts as diverse as The Headstones, David Wilcox, and late Stone Temple Pilots frontman Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts. In any case, they can convert even the most hardened rock fans with perfect balance of substance and sing-along accessibility.

And that balance is what makes The Road Heavy the perfect soundtrack to a satisfying highway ride, rising above overdriven engine with an unrivaled energy and enough depth to make you want to keep filling the tank.